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Arrowhead Provides ESI with Medical Decision Assistant App

Arrowhead Interactive, through partner studio BuksApps, has developed and released a custom mobile web software application to provide decision assistance to medical professional’s at Emergency Services, Inc.’s Clinical Decision Unit in Columbus, Ohio.  The web software application is designed to provide assistance and reduce error as health care workers at the facility make decisions about admitting [...]


Watch for Products from Arrowhead’s new Medutainment Line in the Future

Later this year, Arrowhead Interactive will be releasing the first products of its Medutainment line in cooperation with software developer BuksApps and multiple clients in the health field. The Medutainment brand describes a line of software applications designed to provide health and medical information for both health professionals and consumers in entertaining formats.  Medutainment products leverage the [...]


Android Developers: Read and Share on BuksApps Developer Blog

Are you developing applications for Android devices, or are you interested in getting started?  If so, check out the developer blog maintained by Arrowhead Interactive partner BuksApps.  The BuksApps developer blog features occasional posts chronicling the thoughts and observations of BuksApps owner Craig  Bucher as he develops applications for a number different uses on Android [...]


Download Duck Carnage Shooting Game Developed by Arrowhead Interactive Partner BuksApps

Duck Carnage, an Android game developed for a third-party client by Arrowhead Interactive partner BuksApps, is now available for download from the Android market in both free (ad-supported) and paid (ad-free for a $1.49 donation) versions.  Duck Carnage is a fun duck-shooting game whose players try to shoot down all of the ducks in each [...]


Arrowhead Interactive Partner BuksApps Releases Latest Version of R:P:S Academy

Arrowhead Interactive partner BuksApps has released its latest version of it free R:P:S: Academy for Android devices.  R:P:S Academy adds a twist to the age-old “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game by allowing users to challenge opponents all over the world in a best-of-five contest.  R:P:S Academy is played through the Skiller Games network, and playing R:P:S Academy [...]

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