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Arrowhead Provides ESI with Medical Decision Assistant App

Arrowhead Interactive, through partner studio BuksApps, has developed and released a custom mobile web software application to provide decision assistance to medical professional’s at Emergency Services, Inc.’s Clinical Decision Unit in Columbus, Ohio.  The web software application is designed to provide assistance and reduce error as health care workers at the facility make decisions about admitting patients with common symptoms and diagnoses with a unit assignment and length of stay that ensures the patients their highest level of safety and convenience.

Arrowhead Interactive is excited to be providing this innovative new custom-made product to assist ESI staff with their specific challenges on a complex health care environment.  While the decision assistant application designed for ESI is custom-made for that facility and not available to other clients, Arrowhead is happy to discuss the possibility of developing similar tools for other health care facilities interested in using accessible mobile software to increase the safety and efficiency of their decisions, reduce risk of error, and add to patients’ convenience.



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